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Harry Potter Polls.
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This is a community for posting Harry Potter polls and questions.


What can be posted?

Polls about:
- Characters in the Harry Potter world.
- Ships both canon and fanon in the Harry Potter world.
- Aspects of the Wizarding World. (E.g. Magic, Wizarding Society, Wizarding History etc)
- Anything about the books, movies, actors, actresses, directors etc.
- Generally any and all HP-related polls.

General questions can now be asked about the above subjects^^

How should it be posted?

- How to make a poll
- One poll or question per post.
- 1 to 20 questions per poll. If you want to go over this amount split the questions over 2 or more polls.
- More than 2 questions in your poll? Put it behind an Lj cut.
- Tag your posts. If you don't see the tag you need, contact tabitha666 and it'll be added.
- Bashing, flaming, starting arguments/drama will not be tolerated!

Other stuff:

- Multiple polls or questions on the same character, ship and subject are allowed and encouraged! But make sure you don't have the exact same questions.
- Don't forget to leave a comment if you agree/disagree or want to expand on your answer!
- Disagree with the votes or opinions/comments? Feel free to discuss in the comments but don't bash people or their votes/opinions/comments.
- Off-topic posts will be deleted.
- If you want to pimp your community or affiliate with us? Comment here!


Any problems/questions/comments contact:

Maintainer/Mod: tabitha666

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